Bathroom Basins


When you are selecting a new bathroom sink, the basin is a prime consideration. There are a wide variety of bathroom basins that WA Bathrooms can assist you with, ranging from countertop, pedestal, inset and corner basins.

Don’t let the choices become overwhelming. Instead, turn to our experienced team for assistance. We can help not only with the style, materials and proper styling, but also we can help to get you the best price and do the optimal install job.

Our Range of Bathroom Basin Options

With our assistance, you’ll be certain to find a bathroom basin that you love.   The choices we can offer fit a variety of size needs and personal preferences.   Would you love a bathroom basin made of stone, bronze, copper or glass? We can make that happen. Many of our clients find that a unique and exciting basin is the perfect way to add excitement and elegance to their bathroom. When a gorgeous bathroom basin is combined with a top-notch vanity, you’ll find that you’ve created a sink that is truly memorable.

We also offer more traditional ceramic and stainless steel bathroom basins as well. With the wide ranges of choices we offer, you’ll be find to find a bathroom basin that is the right fit for your style and price preferences.

The Right Choices for Your Bathroom

Let us bring you pleasure every time you wash your hands with a gorgeous bathroom basin! Throughout the process, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your bathroom matches your vision. The basin is an important element of the room, but it also must tie into other elements such as flooring, lighting and your color scheme. For inspiration, be sure to check out our Instagram page:

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