Bathroom Designs


When it comes to bathroom designs, there are a wide variety of directions to consider. Every element of your bathroom can be styled with the colours, patterns, textures and materials that you prefer.

Customizing Your Vision

Before we decide on your bathroom design, think about your needs. This can influence the decisions you make for your wall and floor tiles, for example. Do you want a bathroom what would seem warm and earthy? Or do you prefer a relaxing bathroom full of soothing colors? Some of our clients prefer to focus on eco-friendly products that are made of recycled materials.

Your Material Choices

WA Bathrooms will work with you to select the best materials for your needs. Would you like a bathroom with wood, stone, slate, ceramic, glass or another materials? Each type of material choice will impact the overall bathroom design.

We can also discuss handling patterns on wall paintings or wallpaper. Some of the most popular styles include chevron and herringbone. We can find a colour that works perfectly with your taste and your vision for your new bathroom.

How To Get Started

We ask our clients to think about their lifestyle, their style preference and also their specific needs, such as who exactly will be using the bathroom. Also what is you budget and what are your favorite colors and finishes? We also need to know simple details such as storage space requirements.

Once all of these factual details are assembled, we’ll get to work envisioning a new bathroom design that you will love. We are assisted by great technology. Our 3D design software will enable you to see different possibilities first and foremost so that you can be fully confident in your decisions.