Bathroom Sinks


There are so many options available for bathroom sinks.  Choosing WA Bathroom will enable you to learn about a wide variety of styles and choices.

It’s Time to Re-envision the Bathroom Sink

Forget what you previously thought about all sinks being generic and white.  Today you can select between everything from freestanding sinks to glass vessel basins.  Of course, you’ll want to take your bathroom size, budget and style preferences into account.  WA Bathrooms can work closely with you to find and install a bathroom sink that you’ll love for years to come.

The Right Sink for Your Bathroom Style

There are sinks for virtually every bathroom style.  For example, pedestal sinks are similarly common in Victorian bathroom designs. These simple and straightforward sinks attach directly to the wall.  A pedestal sink can sit atop a porcelain or metal base.  They are attractive and also can go a long way in conserving space.   Victorian bathrooms can also include marble or bronze sinks that are set atop antique bureaus or chests of drawers.

If you are going for a contemporary styled bathroom, you’ll find that angular, rounded or gently curving stainless steel or porcelain sink can be a great fit for your styling.  Since this type of bathroom sink doesn’t require a cabinet, it provides a very elegant effect and saves space at the same time.A bathroom sink in a modern bathroom can be stainless steel glass or stone.  You can also think about different shapes.  A sink doesn’t need to be round!  We can assist you as you consider different options like oval, rectangular or square sinks.

Rely on WA Bathrooms for Your Sinks

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Do you have questions about the type of bathroom sink that would be best for you?  Feel free to contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to consult with you about the exciting sinks we have available.