Frequently Asked Questions


I’m ready to renovate my bathroom, what’s the first step?

The first step is to call WA Bathrooms and arrange an in-home consultation. We’ll make an appointment for one of our bathroom design consultants to visit your home in Perth and inspect your existing bathroom, look at the plumbing, and discuss the kind of bathroom renovation you are looking for and your budget.


How much will a bathroom renovation cost?

Price depends on many factors such as the size of your bathroom, your existing plumbing, and the materials and fittings you choose. A standard bathroom renovation will cost a minimum of $13,000 but it really depends on the choices you make.


How long will a bathroom renovation take?

We guarantee that everything will be done and your home will be your own again within 5 weeks from the start date. That makes it easy for you to plan your bathroom renovation party, or get your home ready for guests.


How long will a bathroom renovation take?

We always recommend you use a Perth bathroom renovation specialist because we see (and hear) too many horror stories about the cost-blowouts and general dissatisfaction from people who decided to go the handyman route. The reality is that a proper bathroom renovation is expensive, and if you cut corners it will affect the usability of your bathroom and the ultimate value of your home. The final cost differential between a handyman and a bathroom specialist is relatively small, but the satisfaction differential is enormous!


How disruptive will my bathroom renovation be? Should I move out while you are working?

There’s no getting around the fact that a bathroom renovation is messy and some parts of the process are noisy as well. If you have more than one bathroom (and are only renovating one of them) then you can easily stay in your home. If we are renovating all your bathrooms and your laundry then we recommend that you move out for a few weeks so that we can complete everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, many of our clients continue to live in their home while we are renovating their bathroom and laundry and they manage quite well.


I already have a bathroom design idea, can you build it for me?

We appreciate the thought and effort you have put into your bathroom and we love working with clients who know what they want. Before we build your bathroom we will check your design in our 3-D modelling software to ensure that everything will work exactly as you envisage it. We often find that external bathroom designs overlook certain functions that we know from experience are important to our clients so we always check designs against the existing space as well as modelling them.


What guarantees and warranties do you offer?

We offer a 6-year guarantee on all workmanship and waterproofing, and most of the materials we use come with a 5-10 year warranty. We recommend selecting from our extensive range of quality materials and fittings to ensure that products are of the highest quality and manufacturers will honor their warranties. We are happy to use other materials if you prefer however we will only guarantee our workmanship in that case.


Do you supply all the materials?

Yes. When we finalize the design you will select fittings, fixtures, tiles and finishes. We will then order them from our suppliers so that you benefit from our trade contacts and get the best possible prices for high quality materials. We only use reputable brands and suppliers to ensure that we complete your project on schedule, and that your new bathroom will be of the higher quality.


Do you have any other questions?

Our friendly bathroom design team here in Perth will be happy to chat, call us on 1 300 464 138 or use the Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.