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Bathroom Accessories

Don’t let the accessories that you add to the bathroom be an afterthought.  When you add the right bathroom accessories, it gives a lot of character to your space.  Great bathroom accessories keep the room from looking dull and sterile.  That’s why our team at WA Bathrooms makes sure we give careful thought to the accessories that would be best both for style and functionality.

Why Bathroom Accessories?

Most bathroom accessories have in common the fact that they provide a useful function, whether it is storage or ensuring that you have all the supplies that you need at your disposal.

Shower curtains actually add a very necessary visual element; at the same time they protect your walls.  You can choose from different fabrics as well including vinyl or fabric.

Accessories to Meet Your Style

The accessories we select for you will depend on the style of your bathroom.  For example, a Victorian themed bathroom will feature square, rectangular or rounded lampshades, adding a striking and of-the-moment touch to the overall design.  For this particular style, heavy fabric shower curtains are often preferred, often with tassels or fringe running along the bottom or top for added visual effect. Towels and bath mats are often similarly luxurious and are made from high-quality cotton or similarly heavy, soft fabric.

A Wide Range of Possibilities

When you think of bathroom accessories, what comes to mind?   You might overlook some of the items you’ll be needing… and that’s exactly where we can step into assist you.

WA Bathrooms can find you anything you need for your bathroom including, but not limited to:

-Shower curtains
-Bath mats
-Soap Dispensers
-Tissue Boxes
-Shower Caddies
-Lighting accessories

WA Bathroom can help with the ideal décor and ensure that everything in your bathroom complements each other.  We can even contemplate artwork, candles or much more. The sky is the limit! If you’re wondering if a particular bathroom accessory might work for you, just ask!