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Bathroom Fittings

At WA Bathrooms, our philosophy is that a beautiful bathroom has many distinct elements.  Achieving the kind of design that everyone will love means paying special attention to the details.  In short, a great bathroom doesn’t have any “small details,” and that is why bathroom fittings must be factored in when creating a peaceful, functional and attractive bathroom.

Let’s take a look at a few of the bathroom fittings that we use to achieve bathroom greatness.

Proper Consideration to Each and Every Fitting

The so-called “smaller” details in your bathroom matter, for example, the finest marble sink will never truly shine until it is paired with a great faucet.  Faucets can help to elevate even an older and boring bathroom.  Never overlook them!

Other small touches matter.  Adding items such as a stainless steel trashcan for your bathroom is another way to help elevate your bathroom.  Likewise, a high quality soap dish can also add a little shine and polish to otherwise lifeless bathrooms.

Don’t Forget the Shower Curtain

If your bathroom has a shower curtain, consider going “high end.”  An old and dirty shower curtain is, to be blunt, bad news.   It can be quite exciting to see how much difference a high quality cotton or hemp shower curtain makes in most bathrooms.

Hemp shower curtains not only look great, but also are highly durable and very resistant to mold.  Sometimes our clients are surprised at how much difference a great shower curtain can make.

Turn to Us for Your Bathroom Renovation

The small touches always matter.  But ultimately, some bathrooms need too much help to be rescued by bathroom fittings alone.  For such occasions, the only solution is to opt for a bathroom remodel or renovation.

Our experts at WA Bathrooms can do wonders to elevate your bathroom, meaning that your bathroom fittings will be all the more impressive when your new bathroom is complete.