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Bathroom Flooring

There are many wonderful aspects to remodeling your bathroom.  WA Bathrooms can help clients in Perth to experience the joy of a brand new bathroom that has successfully achieved their vision.

A new bathroom floor can instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom.  But when it comes to bathroom floors, there are many different available options and directions to explore.  Deciding on the right bathroom floor for you means first thinking about the kind of house you live in.  Is your home modern? Contemporary?  A Victorian?  Together we’ll discuss style issues and plan for a floor that is the best fit for your preferences and your home.

A Material that Suits Your Home

The most important decision you’ll make in choosing bathroom flooring is to select flooring that matches your home.  For example, contemporary bathrooms are more suited for new materials, such as synthetics like plastic or laminates, whereas homes with historical features usually do best with wood, stone and porcelain floors.

Porcelain has remained a flooring option of choice for homeowners for generation and with good reason.  Porcelain looks great, ages very well and is easy to clean.  Another floor option is stone tile.  Stone tile such as marble can look quite impressive when installed.

Laminate options have the benefit of being very easy and quick to install and highly durable.  Added to this is the fact that laminates are also easy to clean.  It is no shocker that many homeowners choose laminate.

When it comes to bathroom flooring it is important to remember that there are also eco-friendly options to consider.  Homeowners are increasingly considering options such as recycled glass.

Achieving the Right Floor for Your Space

In the end, the most important bathroom flooring decision you’ll face is decided what best matches your home and your taste.  Finding the intersection between what best matches your needs and the look of your home is the first and biggest step you’ll need to take on your road to amazing bathroom floor.  Contact WA Bathrooms for more information about how we can help you.