Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom Vanities

The designers at WA Bathrooms can offer an exclusive range of the best bathroom vanities available in Australia.  You’ll end up with a truly designer look.  Our vanities come in various colors and also offer high-end touches soft close doors and drawers.

Should You Select a Vanity or Sink Console?

We’ll also help you decide if a bathroom vanity or a sink console is more suitable for your space.  Bathroom vanities usually are the top choice for a home’s master bathroom while we typically recommend sink consoles for guest baths.

The Specifications for Your New Vanity

There is no doubt that bathroom vanities can take up a lot of space.  That’s why they often turn into a bathroom’s point of focus.  But that is exactly why you’ll want to make sure that you find a bathroom vanity that you love.  We can assist you with a wide variety of specifications ranging from modern style bathroom vanities to bathroom vanities that are specifically designed for smaller bathrooms.

Deciding on Your Bathroom Vanity

When we work with you to determine the ideal bathroom vanity for your needs, we’ll take the overall size of your bathroom into account.  We’ll also create a strategy that involves the other fixtures in the bathroom and how they will work together with the vanity.

Your Bathroom Vanity Style

In addition to the practical consideration, we can find a bathroom vanity that reflects a style that you will love.  WA Bathrooms can help provide you with gorgeous wooden vanities that offer a traditional look, or boldly colored vanity that offers more of a modern feel.

We have choices, and we have answers.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to start working on your project!