Contemporary Bathrooms

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Contemporary Bathrooms

Do you love modern and up-to-date styles?  Then you may be seeking a contemporary bathroom.  These elegant spaces work with a wide variety of types of homes.  This type of bathroom has become increasingly popular in recent years.

What Can I Expect from a Contemporary Bathroom?

With a contemporary bathroom, you’ll find more geometric patters and clean lines.  Sometimes these bathroom projects also incorporate flowing curves and angles.

The Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Design

Many of our clients are unsure if they are seeking a contemporary bathroom vs. a modern design.  There are some major differences. First of all, modern design references a certain period in time, the 20th century post-war period.  Contemporary design does not reference a specific era.  But it is more likely to include current and new materials and trends.

A Forward Thinking Approach

Particularly if you are working with a small bathroom space, a contemporary style is a smart decision due to its clean lines and sharp angles.  You might also want to consider a small pedestal sink made out of a modern material like copper or stainless steel.  Other interesting materials can also make an appearance in your bathroom.

However, a contemporary style works with larger bathrooms as well.   If you love up-to-date materials and interesting designs, definitely consider a contemporary style bathroom.