Modern Bathrooms

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Modern Bathrooms

Many of our WA Bathroom clients are seeking a modern bathroom when they remodel. Modern design is quintessential of what you can see in post-WW2 Europe. During this time, there was a resurgence of talented designers working on homes.

Modern design is truly aesthetically pleasing. But at the same time, it skips over the frills and finery that you will see in other trends like Victorian design.

Modern Bathrooms are Highly Practical

Our team loves creating modern bathroom environments. One of the reasons this is the case is that this style is so practical. For example, a modern style can make a small bathroom look larger. At the same time, you can incorporate modern design into a large grand bathroom as well.

Modern design can incorporate various colours. There is a tendency, however, towards simplicity. You will often see neutral colours like black, white and grey.

Your Choice of Materials

Your modern bathroom design can also incorporate a range of materials. Our team will go over the various options with you. You can choose from materials including:


Also various materials can be combined together for an optimal look. For example, natural wood and stainless steel could both be combined in a countertop for an intriguing and eye-catching modern look.

Ready to Start Discussing Ideas?

When it comes to modern bathrooms, a great deal of variety is possible. Let’s do some brainstorming together. Contact WA Bathrooms today and we can start a conversation about how to best achieve your modern design.