Small Bathroom Ideas

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Small Bathroom Ideas

Even if you are looking to improve a small bathroom, WA Bathrooms has incredible ideas that will bring your dreams to fruition. A small bathroom can be decorated in many ways. You can opt for a modern style, a traditional bathroom, a contemporary bathroom or maybe even something unique to your style and personality.

Small Bathrooms: What Works Best?

Contemporary styles in particular can work quite well for smaller bathrooms. You’ll see many sleek and simple designs making their way into tiny rooms. We find that the clean lines are ideal for making smaller spaces seem roomier.

For example, we often help our clients to add a raised or pedestal sink as a space saving design element. Many of these contemporary pedestal sinks are gently rounder or even angular. When you skip the larger cabinet, you’ll add an elegant impact and not end up with a vanity that overwhelms the room. Another option is for a more traditional style bathroom is to attach a pedestal sink on top of a porcelain or metal base.

We can also achieve a great deal with exceptional colours and lighting. These elements alone can make a bathroom seem much more spacious than it actually is!

When it Comes to Small Bathrooms, Experience Counts

Our team at WA Bathrooms has helped countless clients to get more out of their small bathrooms than they even thought possible. The fact is that making a small bathroom seem roomy and comfortable can sometimes seem like an intimidating task. Let us help you to achieve more with your bathroom.

You’ll be thrilled when you hear the exciting ideas that our team has to offer. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to transform any bathroom, small or large.